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December 30, 2004

Learn SketchUp

SketchUp is a free 3d modelling program by Google. The computer models on this site are made with the pro version of this program.

Some lessons for SketchUp, concentrating on Scout pioneering:
SketchUp Basics - Introduction to SketchUp- modelling a tripod
Scouting models - Download SketchUp models of projects featured on this site

Modelling lashings in SketchUp - Tutorial for making simple square and tripod lashings for your pioneering models in SketchUp.

There are a few resources you can look at for more help:
-Print out the quick reference card (for PC or Mac) and keep it next to your computer all the time.
-Watch the video tutorials if you have broadband- this is the BEST way to learn SketchUp.
-Check out the self-paced tutorials that come with SketchUp.
-SketchUcation is a website with more advanced tutorials, a good place to learn some nice tricks, especially if you want to be able to work QUICKLY in SketchUp.
-Finally, join up at the Google SketchUp official forums

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