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October 30, 2005

Camp Couch

Before a big competition camp earlier this year, I told my scouts to think of the campsite as their house for the weekend- and to put in all the things they would want in their house. This couch was the result,designed and built by 2 of my APLs. There was also an altar 'coffee table', I think if they had more time there was talk of a camp TV and Playstation...

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This is the first project I am posting with a cargo net- if you can get hold of one of these they are very handy for pioneering. Thread the top and bottom poles through the net BEFORE lashing them on to your tripods. You can use hessian or sack cloth instead of a cargo net but this is much more difficult to fasten to the bearer poles.

You will need to heel your tripods in well, staking and lashing them might not be a bad idea.
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