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December 30, 2005

Site update

If you are a regular visitor to Ropes and Poles, you will notice a few changes recently to layout. I have also added categories- so all of the rafts or camp gadgets for example, can be reached by clicking on the category at the top of the page.
Instead of visiting this site every day, you can also sign up for updates in two ways: the first is by e-mail, which you can do by following this link. The second is by live feed. A feed will automatically update as new information is posted, and if you are using Firefox you can access this by clicking on the orange feed icon () in the address bar and adding my site as a 'live bookmark'. Alternatively, you can use Bloglines or Google Reader to read feeds from this site and literally thousand of others. Click this link  to add my site as a feed.

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peter said...

toets een twee... toets een twee...