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January 20, 2006

Camp Wheelbarrow

I set a challenge to my scouts to design a pioneered wheelbarrow during our recent troop camp, and this is the result- Kingfishers patrol built a wheelbarrow complete with wheel cut from a log.

Construction is very simple- 4 thin spars lashed together with square lashings, a "cradle" woven between them, and a wheel with a tent peg axle. Very fast wheelbarrow, still looking solid six months down the line, it now hangs in front of their patrol den.


Bernie May said...

Very cool. My Scouts have been doing some pioneering lately too. They love it (after they've done it, of course - getting them started always seems to be the hard part.) Check it out the monkey bridge they built at the last camp. It was the first time this troop had built anything. Your tree-house is very cool.

Eric said...

I like your ideas. I have posted a link to you on my blog.