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February 13, 2006

SA Blog awards

Nominations are open (until Friday) for the South African Blog Awards. If you know any South African blogs you enjoy, head over and nominate them here (completely unconnected of course- I suppose Ropes and Poles is a new blog, and also incidentally a lifestyle blog)

1 comment:

Wezzo said...

Hey Pete only picked up on your blog today, have been reading through your archive posts and you have one awesome blog. Would have defiantly voted you for best Lifestyle but my votes are already in.

I was a scout back in high school as well, was also very interested in Pioneering. Lead 8th St Albans (here in Pta) to victory on 2 occasions in Pioneering for the annual Scouting Field Day in the Gauteng Weston region and I think they haven’t lost since either.

I've subscribed to your feed so I should be back more often. Keep up the great work!