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March 26, 2006

Kontiki 2006 - Some Rafts

A Kontiki report back should probably include some reference to the rafts at some point :) These are a couple I snapped while doing water patrol on sunday morning.

Team 1, First Eagles, with an Acromantula. Legs are made from 2 litre plastic bottles wrapped in black plastic bags.

Team 29 (1st Kengray)with a Hogwart's Express train. Nice piece of pioneering work- if you look you can see the laths supporting the decorations on the side.

Departing from the Harry Potter theme of the other rafts is this Pirates of the Caribbean ship. Raft number is obscured so I can't say who this was, possibly 9th Irene.

1st Hellenic have hidden their tent inside the sorting hat on this raft, but what I'm really interested in is not the decoration, but the construction material they have chosen: instead of eucalyptus poles, the most common pioneering material in South Africa, they have used PVC drainage pipes- see the detail photo. I imagine there are pretty good weight savings to be made using this material. I'm going to try and find out some more about their success with pipes for pioneering structures... watch this space.


Marc said...

I might be wrong here but I heard that one of those pipes on 1st Hellenic's raft broke.

bob said...

The Pirates of the Caribbean ship where the Raft number is obscured could also be 1st Halfway House. I recognise some of the decorations from my time there. I could however be wrong, it has been a while. - Peter K