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June 11, 2006

Quick Model Pioneering - elastic band lashings

This post at Scoutmaster blog reminded me about a very fast way of tying lashings for model pioneering. Instead of using string for the lashings, use elastic bands:

First, lay the two dowel sticks out and hook a rubber band over the end of one of them.

Run the band over the top dowel and under the bottom one, back round the top of the top dowel. PULL the band all the time so that it is tight when you are wrapping it around.

After one circuit, take off for frapping turns. Wrap the band around the lashing, making sure you pull it tight all the time. Go around at least one full circuit, and keep going around until the elastic band has been used up.

Stretch the elastic around and slip the end loop over the end of the dowel (ideally not the one you started on). That's it- lashing tied.

I was first taught this method in 1997 at Gilten PLTU in Johannesburg, but I suspect that it is much older than that- probably going back to the 1940s or 1950s. A single lashing takes around 15 seconds using this method, compared to around 5 minutes for a real lashing, so the time saved makes it possible to include model pioneering as a patrol activity in a troop meeting.
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