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August 12, 2006

Bucket Raft from 1953 Scout annual

This photo and article come from the SCOUT magazine of July 31 1952. As far as I can tell, this is the first time this little raft is appearing on the Internet. For other raft articles, see the raft category. Here is the article as published:

Scouts of the 3rd Altrincham Troop have fun with a Bucket Raft.

Their Skipper- G.W. Sutcliffe- tells you how they made it.

This raft is simple to make from eight ordinary metal buckets, seven Scout staffs and a couple of dozen lashings. The illustration shows the method of construction and the cover picture shows the raft in use.

To launch the raft lift clear of the water and lower gently down into it. Water cannot fill the buckets because the air is imprisoned in them- the same principle as that used in a diving-bell.

If the raft is rocked-intentionally or otherwise-and some of the air is spilled and water gets into the buckets, the position can quickly and easily be restored by lifting the bucket clear of the water and lowering it down again gently.

The illustration shows the bare bones of the raft. A plank added to sit on makes for greater comfort.


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