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February 23, 2007

In-store pioneering display: Trapper's Trading, Boksburg

A few kilometres away from our Scout hall is the Boksburg branch of Trapper's Trading, an outdoor store. They have teamed up with the local Scout District and built two towers inside the store.

The District Scouters ensure that there is always stock of Scouting material, and uniforms, belts, hats, Cub and Scout manuals are all available here. There are also recruiting pamphlets and District noticeboards. This is a perfect example of a way to raise Scouting's profile in a community. This store is on one of the busiest roads in the area, and one of the towers is up against the shopfront and clearly visible from the road with a large Scout banner.

The towers have been built with nuts and bolts, and lashings added over some of the more accessible connections for a more 'genuine' look. The connections that are at eye and hand level have been tidied up like the one in the above photo: a sawdust and woodglue paste has been used to fill in the hole drilled for the bolt.

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