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March 2, 2007

Pioneered heated swimming pool

This is the kind of pioneering we don't see enough of : the Sherroes (senior Scouts) from Scouting de Veste Hasselt in the Netherlands built this heated swimming pool, with a series of photographs you can see here.

The supporting frame is made from poles, with corners notched log-cabin style. A seat is added, then the whole pool is lined with a waterproof tarpaulin. Water is carried to and from a fire by pipes which are insulated for most of their length.

(photographs courtesy Scouting de Veste Hasselt)


Scoutmaster Steve J. B. said...

Now that is a great use of pioneering!

aquabot said...

I saw the one in Maritim Stuttgart hotel which is close to all the attractions of the city, ... The hotel has a heated indoor swimming pool, a gym, a solarium, and a sauna.