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June 8, 2007

13m high JOTA radio tower , Netherlands

JOTI/JOTA is an annual, international Scouting event. Scouts around the world use the Internet (Jamboree on the Internet) and radio (Jamboree on the Air) to communicate with each other. For good radio reception, a high tower is necessary. Loy, from the Netherlands, sent me this information about a 13 metre (thats 43 feet!) tower that he designed and built. I'll leave Loy to describe this project (click on the thumbnails for larger versions of the images):

" Last year's JOTA/JOTI our scouting group built a tower, designed by me, and built in a few days with 2-5 guys. It was 13 metres high, and made of poles no longer than 2.75 metres.


  • first we made 24 tripods, each with the same dimensions.

  • Then we attached the middle poles of two tripod to each other, making a square
  • We then attached another pole, perpendicular to the connected middle poles.

  • Three of those elements were the folded together to make a layer, like this one: (with me on top, yay)

  • we eventually stacked three of those layers on top of each other, then hoisting it up with a land rover, about the same way it is lowered in the movie.
The reason why this building method was chosen, is that, at first, I planned the tower to be build part by part, instead of completing it on the ground.

This year, I planning to make some sort of Skylon, inspired by one on your plog (pole blog :-) )."

See the rest of Loy's photographs (and a short film clip) here

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