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June 5, 2009

Guitar String Turk's Head Woggle

Other than Scouting, one of my hobbies is music: I play bass guitar (like this one, and recently the one I made as well), and the other day when I changed bass strings I made this woggle (neckerchief slide) for my Scout scarf out of the thinnest string from my bass.

The knot is a Turk's Head, tied using the 'round the fingers' method which is commonly used to tie woggles in leather or cord.

Unlike leather or cord, steel wire tends to slip and jump open. It's worthwhile to make the first round of this woggle a little smaller than you intend it to be, as it will widen while you are weaving the following layers through. Steel is also difficult to fasten (superglue does a great job on leather), so I have twisted the two ends of the knot together with pliers.

1 comment:

PatrĂ­cia said...

I gonna make one to me!!!