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September 4, 2009

In the Wild: photographs of Ropes and Poles projects

Most of the projects posted on Ropes and Poles have been tested in working conditions, mainly by my troop. Here are some photographs of projects that have featured here in the past.

The large image above show the camp 'couch' designed by Scouts in our troop. In the photograph, Rovers from our District Crew are 'examining' the couch at a local competition camp.

The pontoon ferry is modelled on a project I built as my final Springbok construction project, way back in 1997. In this (pre-digital) photograph, my Scouts and I are ferrying the examiner across the lake.

Before entering the lightweight racing raft into a competition, we held a test weekend where we built the raft, and also attempted to sail with it. Without a centreboard, however, we didn't have much success.

Finally, the portcullis gateway is pictured, as it was used on an inter-patrol competition camp in 2005.

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