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April 1, 2010

Cloverleaf lashing- supporting the poles

I posted this photograph of Adiero's octopod cloverleaf lashing at Kontiki. Here is the formwork needed to support it while tying the lashing (thanks to Louise from Adiero for the explanation):

The vertical pole is a stake that supports the stack of poles to be lashed. After the lashing is tied (around the white poles,) the forms(grey poles) are removed.

Kim from Ploeg Technieken, the originators of the cloverleaf lashing, has these two examples for a 5 way and 4 way polypod:


Peregrine John said...

This is very helpful! I was indeed wondering how that wonderful swirl of wood (in the earlier picture) was created.

Ploeg Technieken is intriguing and informative enough that I think I should learn Dutch just to get the most out of it. A very inventive group!

Scoutmaster Paul said...

Our June outing is 'Pioneering' and I hope to teach this new (for us) lashing to a few scouts so they can pass it on.

Scout On