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July 15, 2011

22nd World Scout Jamboree- Rinkaby, Sweden

Tomorrow morning, I am joining the South African contingent to the World Scout Jamboree. We are meeting for a shake down camp outside Johannesburg for the weekend, then flying out to tour Germany and Denmark before heading to Sweden for the World Jamboree. I'll be attending as the Troop Scouter of Drakensberg troop, one of three troops forming the SA contingent. When I return, I will be posting pictures and sketches of the pioneering projects I see there. But while I am on camp, I'll be posting to the troop blog here. You can also sign up for email subscriptions on the blog page to keep up to date with our trip.

For those who are attending the Jamboree, leave a comment here- we are camping in Bohuslan subcamp in Autumn town, it would be great to meet you!


Loy said...

Awesome, I'm going there as well, but as an IST.
I'll stop by some time!

Badge House said...

See you in world jamboree. I'm Henry from Seychelles Contingent. Dó visit mé at Contingent HQ.

kiltie said...

I have been there also, but i did not know that you was there, too bad.
I had a model of the tensegrity tower at our campsite/ workshop place.
I was at the MPSE field opposite of the Englisch Castle.