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September 22, 2011

Dutch / Flemish method for round Lashing

Round lashings seem to be tied with many different methods. According to the Dutch Scout wiki, this is how the Dutch speaking Scouts do it - with turns that run around the poles in both directions and are bound with a reef knot. Earlier this year I posted about the German round lashing, which uses a simple-lashing-like binding to join two poles, and this is yet another variation. The lashing itself is explained like this (please excuse my rough and ready translation):
  • In the Netherlands it's customary to begin with a clove hitch around both poles. In the Flemish Region, the middle of the ropes is just laid over both poles.
  • Take one of the ends (a) once around both poles, after that, take the other end (b) over the end and around until it comes out next to the other end (at c).
  • After this, continue alternating between the two ends.
  • Arrange the ends so that the crossings happen between the poles (on the 'flat side') and there are only single ropes (with no crossings) on the side
  • 6 to 8 turns are used
  • End with a reef knot tied with the two ends, on the side of the two poles
Sourced from the Dutch scoutwiki (English Google translation here)

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