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March 23, 2012

A Kitchen Sideboard

From THE SCOUT annual, August 19 1948 - page 27:
This novel "Kitchen Sideboard" was erected by the 37th Dumfriesshire (Methodist) Troop at their permanent camp site, but is not a permanent gadget. It can easily be made and used by any Troop, as it unpacks for transport. The boxes, which are tea-chests, can be used as packing cases, and be set up on a suitable framework and at a suitable height for use as a table-top. Shelves are fitted to slip in and out for packing, and the doors are hinged, which enables them to be used as lids.
The hinges are better fixed with machine screws, as wood screws proved useless in this case. Metal angle-plates were fitted to the corners of the boxes at the door-opening to provide strength, and both boxes were given a couple of coats of good paint.
With regard to the rest of theconstruction, I think the photograph speaks for itself - the main corner posts are embedded eight or nine inches, two supports are lashed back and front to support the boxes, and one top rail at each end. The back posts are madea suitable height to allow for the plate rack, and a couple of straining posts are set at an angle at the back, embedded and lashed to the main posts. These strainers may be used as brackets to support the overhang of the plate rack. The mug rack is made simply by lashing forked twigs at intervals. The whole framework should be made up to be a fairly tight fit for the boxes.   - A.J. Dawson

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