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March 9, 2012

KwaZulu-Natal Raft Race

Like Kontiki in Gauteng and the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal Scouts have an annual rafting competition, at the Midmar Dam (also home to the biggest annual open water swim in the world). Unlike the Kontiki events, the emphasis here is on racing, rather than living on the raft for the weekend, so the rafts are much smaller and lighter. Some are VERY minimalist, but everyone appears to be having fun. Inner tubes are the preferred form of flotation, although some rafts use plastic barrels.

The Midmar Raft Race is in it's 19th year and features 50 teams. From the article on the South African Scout Association website:
"We take part in the raft race because it shows our scouts the benefits of core skills we teach throughout the year, including knots, lashings and the importance of developing an understanding about team work at a young age" commented 1st Hillcrest Troop Scouter, Denzil Barnard

Thanks to Anna Talbot from Fourth Durban and Andrew Phyfer from First Hillcrest for photos of the 2012 event

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