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March 2, 2012

Pioneered Scout Exhibition Stand

Copyright Gavin Penkin
This exhibition stand at the annual Hobby-X expo at the Coca-Cola dome in Johannesburg was built by a team of Scouts and Rovers to promote Scouting in the province of Gauteng.  More about the stand from Gavin Penkin, the Assistant Provincial Commissioner for Marketing in Gauteng Scouts:
"After some rapid planning and assistance of many Scouts, Scouters and Rovers, we built a stand at the Hobby-X expo at the dome yesterday afternoon. The organisers made us remove the hessian as they say it is very flammable. We replaced it with canvas from the sides of army tents. ... The Scout stand is the highest in the expo, and of you come and visit the expo, just look up and you will see the stand. The white screen is showing Scout pictures all day and is visible down the main passage for about 100m. "
Copyright Gavin Penkin

Copyright Gavin Penkin
If you're in Gauteng, please try and make your way to the Dome in Northgate over the weekend (the expo closes on the 4th of March) to take a look and support the stand. For those who are a bit further away, this is a great widea for promoting Scouting, using a pioneered exhibit, and aimed at outdoors and handcrafts oriented visitors.

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