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May 25, 2012

Kontiki 2012: Main Stage

Kontiki 2012 is underway, 36 teams are busy building their rafts down at the waterfront at Arrowe Park, and will be launching on Saturday morning. I'll post more about the rafts later, but there is a structure down at the waterfront that I'm featuring now.

The main stage was designed and built by Gregory Weeks from First Benoni Sea Scouts, and fitting with the Viking theme of Kontiki 2012, is designed as the prow of a submerged boat sticking out of the ground. It stand roughly 6m (18 feet) high.

The stage was built over two weekends, and tilted up into position as the last part of the construction sequence. The whole structure is anchored with a series of stakes below the deck of the stage, square lashed to the base structure.

More to follow tomorrow on the rafts and campsites...
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