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June 12, 2012

Isengard Tower - complete 60 foot (18m) tower

After the preview and the construction photos, here are some of my pics of the completed Isengard tower and a press release from Gauteng Scouts:

SCOUTS showcase their skills at Gauteng Outdoor Eco Adventure and Travel Expo

From the 8th to the 10th of June SCOUTS South Africa will be showcasing a 19m high tower that was designed and built by 46 scouts. The teens from 10 Scout groups got together over the past week to build the Tower as a show piece for the Gauteng Outdoor Eco Adventure and Travel Expo at the Waterfall Polo Estate.

SCOUTS South Africa is a youth organisation with a progressive self-paced advancement programme that aims to empower children with skills that can help them grow and develop into innovative leaders. Constructing a project like this colossal ‘Isengard Tower’, taught the youngsters how to plan and manage a project that involved, skill, team work and care for the environment.

The tower is solely made up of 104 gum poles and 330 ropes. The construction is held up by the knots tied by the teens, as no bolts were used. During the course of their Scouting programme the Scouts learnt several knotting techniques that were now put into practice. From a simple reef knot to the construction of a tower with 280 lashings (knots), a base of 6m x 6m and a peak of 19m high.

Developing and implementing a project like this takes a huge amount of meticulous planning and teamwork. A scale model was built using dowel sticks. This enabled the Scouts to iron out any challenges and to calculate the equipment required. To ensure the safety of the teens, the Scouts wore safety harnesses while working more than 2m off the ground. As a result of shared leadership, teamwork, passion and skills training, the execution of the build went without a hitch and you can now enjoy viewing the Tower and chatting to some of the participating Scouts over the upcoming weekend.

Pioneering is only one aspect of Scouting. The Scout Movement is a non-political, independent movement of active volunteers that aim to empower children and young adults to be the best they can be. Aside from pioneering, the members get trained in a variety of skills such as first aid and mapping. A large part of the programme also involves raising social and environmental awareness through community projects and weekly activities.

For more information please contact:
Terence Vrugtman on or +27 073 051 5611

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