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August 3, 2012

Another rough and ready tackle

Like the Bristol tackle, this is an alternative tackle for tightening ropes, from  page 169 of the 1953 Scout annual. John Sweet writes:
"Another idea based on the same principle would be to make a second rope fast to another tree at right angles to the runway and then throw a loop around the main hawser and then strain it to one side liek a bostring. Crude but effective (see sketch).
So far as I can tellm the strain at X would be no more severe than if the hawser had passed over the crutch of a pair of sheer legs. If necessary, an old sack could be inserted at X to minimise the friction.
Another advantage of this tackle would be that it would enable you to set up a spanish windlass in your straining rope- a device you could not conveniently emply in the hawser itself inless it was running more or less parallel with the ground.
Comments please!"

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