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November 9, 2012

Canoe catamaran

photograph by Chris Turner, 9th Benoni
During the recent Jamboree on the Air/ Jamboree on the Internet, the Scouts from my home troop built this catamaran using two open canoes that we own. Although we're not a Sea Scout troop, we are lucky enough to have a hall and a campsite situated on a lake.
Photograph by Koen Broumels

Photograph by Koen Broumels, Phoenix Rover Crew
The two canoes are lashed together using 2m staves, round lashed on to the thwarts, with a cargo pallet 'deck' between the two hulls. After testing out the catamaran with paddles, we rigged up a square-rigged sail. Without a keel or centreboard, we were only able to sail with the wind behind us, but the Scouts had fun figuring out how to get things working


Anonymous said...

I would recommend to use longer staves so they push down the outer edge of the canoe, releasing the thwarts from this amount of strain.

Peter Le Roux said...

That's a good idea, thanks!

Rob said...

Neat idea!

I've suggested this to our troop's scoutmaster (preliminary approval) and will suggest it to the senior patrol leader (chief scout leader). They're doing a small boat sailing trip on a local lake in May and this is something the scouts who can't fit onto the small sailboats (there are a limited number) can try.

Have to think about a keel or leeboard, though.