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October 11, 2013

KonTiki Chairman's Challenge preview

KonTiki Chairman's Challenge is an invitational competition, normally held in spring here in South Africa, open to the top 20 teams from Gauteng KonTiki. The challenge differs from year to year, but this year it consists of a raft race down the Vaal River. I'm proud to say that my old group, Ninth Benoni, will be taking part, and I hope they'll have some photographs and stories to share when they return. The challenge starts tonight and will be complete on Sunday.

Unlike the main KonTiki competition, teams do not sleep on their rafts, so the focus this year is on smaller, lighter rafts that can run a river, rather than large rafts designed for still water. Ninth Benoni have shared some photographs of their raft design above. This raft can be built in an hour and portaged by the crew of six.

Good luck to Ninth Benoni and all the other troops participating!

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