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November 15, 2013

Froissartage: French Scout pioneering with permanent joints

credits (clockwise from top left) Amazon, Scoutwiki, Scouts-Europe, Carton, Bricolage, Decoration
Discussions around the setting out posts led me to something new: the French practice of building pioneered projects with carpentry joints instead of ropes. The construction is inspired by traditional rural furniture and farm equipment, built without nails. The tools needed are a saw, auger, chisel and mallet.

Michel Froissart was a Scouter in the 1930s in France, who adapted simple jointing methods- primarily Mortise and Tenon and 'Flat' joints - for pioneering. Froissartage, grand jeu dans la nature (French Edition) is the classic reference book and is still in print (in French only, unfortunately for those of us who don't speak French).  The French Scoutwiki Froissartage page (in English translation) has more information.

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