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November 22, 2013

'Meal-salting' Machine

51 years ago this week, this letter appeared in the 'Scout' newspaper (24th November 1962)"

"Dear Editor,
during this years Summer Camp in North Devon our Troop held, as an item in the Patrol Competition, a Crazy Gadget Contest. The crazy gadget had to work as well as being as crazy as possible. The winner of the contest was a 'meal salting' machine, This i constructed from things found around the site and in the farmyard (see photograph).

To work it, one had to, after seating oneself in the provided 'operator's seat', pour water into the funnel, using the mug and water in the billy. One had to turn the tap and allow the water to wun down the pipe and into the billy at the bottom. When this billy had sufficient water in it, it floated a cork which tipped a tube which contained salt. The amount of salt tipped on to the plate can be controled very finely by turning the tap at the top of the pipe.

I would be very interested to hear if any other Troops have similar contests and whether anyone else has cosntructed a similar crazy gadget.
PL John W. Chope
130th Birmingham (1st King's Heath)"

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