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May 14, 2016

KonTiki 2016: Saturday- Rafts and Land activities

Saturday is the busiest day at KonTiki- rafts are completed, and after being checked for sea-worthiness, are launched and begin their competitions on the water. Meanwhile, on land, the Beaver Challenge competition has run for the Cubs and junior Scouts, campsites are being judged, and meals are competition meals are cooked.
Here are some of the rafts preparing for launch. Because of space limitations at the venue, rafts are built three rows deep from the shore. The theme for Kontiki 2016 is 'Jedi Knights', and you can see how some of the rafts have been decorated to match the theme.
Once the rafts launched,the weather (raining for most of the morning) improved briefly and I managed to get this photo of a rainbow. The organisers arranged for live GPS tracking of all the rafts this year, and this screen in the main tent shows the current location of all the rafts.
The Beaver Challenge is a series of challenge bases hosted for the Cubs and junior Scouts who visit Kontiki. Above are some of the bases from the challenge.

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