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November 30, 2005

Treehouse step by step: Day 1 morning

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My troop is busy building a treehouse: I will track the progress over the next few days on the blog.

The first task on day 1, having chosen the trees, is to get up into them. The trees we have chosen are trees we have used before- the lowest branches will anchor our platform and are some 7m (22ft) off the ground. To get up there, you need to throw a messenger line weighted with a monkey's fist or mallet (or half brick) over the branch, then use the messenger to pull a heavier line over. lower the heavy line to the ground and tie a bowline in one end. Then feed the other end through and pull it up,fastening it to the tree. The photo above shows the situation after the ropes have been attached to 3 trees that we will use for the treehouse. To climb the rope, use Prussiks. The Prussik is a very useful knot if you have not come across it before. Having climbed up, the next step is place a pulley so that the poels can be raised up into the trees to start the first lashings...

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