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December 24, 2005

Treehouse Step by Step: main page

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These pages run through the construction of a treehouse 7m (22ft) above the ground.

Day 1: Establishing the prussicking lines
Later on day 1: Lashing first poles
Day 2: Cross poles and decking (and an emergency shelter)
Day 3: A new roof
Day 4: ..and another new roof
Day (night)5: Sleeping in the treehouse
Day 6 and 7: Cargo net platform and commando bridge
Day 8: Complete! - photographs of entire project

Treehouses on the internet

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Hedilberto Tobito said...

Hi guys!, I think all you did on that tree is very very interesting, I would like to do the same some day. I'm a Scout Chief in Venezuela and the pioneering is one of my hobbies.


Ross said...


Has anyone ever called you "Dilbert"?

Citizen Grim said...

That's very cool...

Kinda makes me wish it was summer here again...

john said...

hey peter john here been borwsing the internet with my adsl is great see .you friday

john said...

cool site

sarah said...

hi im a ranger Girl Guide from tasmania australia and i think that what you did that high up is just sooo cool

i hope i can do the same one day


Jordi said...

Thank you vey much for your post. I'm from Spain and i'm making a
collection of tree houses in my blog urbanarbolismo
i hope you'll enjoy them

tree house builder said...

Cool! Please keep in touch with me over the years and let me know how the treehouse does over time. We're always looking to see what works and doesn't work for people building tree houses.

Thanks for posting a cool site, and the project pictures look great!