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November 30, 2005

Treehouse Step by step: Day 2

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Lots of progress made today- 6 of us down working on the tree house (although 2 of us don't climb trees so I suppose it's more like 4).

The 2 remaining 4m poles were lashed to the base today and then a block and tackle attached to replace the single block we were using. Decking boards (marine ply boards) were then raised up and tied down to the base. Our decking boards have 15mm holes drilled along all four edges- very handy for attaching them to structures like this.

Later on, it started raining so the next step was to build a temporary roof to protect the decking and keep the treehouse dry. This was done using a large tarpaulin.

Most of the heavy work has been done. Tomorrow we will work on the roof (we want to raise it higher and I'd like to make something a little interesting) and the monkey bridge/commando bridge to the other tree.

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AC said...

Is that a manx in the background?