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December 9, 2005

Treehouse Step by Step: Day 4

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Day 4 of the treehouse project and we spent the day working on the roof (again). There had been heavy winds over the weekend that damaged the roof,so we spent a few hours trying to repair it before deciding to start over again with a new design. John came up with the idea of building a framework for the roof, with 2 trusses and purlins joining the two trusses, and a tarp layed over the top. The whole roof structure is braced and then suspended from the tree by the ridge and the four corners tied down onto the deck. Raising the roof up was quite a job, and we actually had to brace the roof mainly to stop it being damaged while we pulled it up to the treehouse.

It might seem like we are going backwards at times, but this roof design is mch better than the one were using before, for a few reasons. Firstly: it works better- I am confident that this will keep the rain off and be more secure. Secondly: the scouts designed it themselves. The previous roof was an idea I had that didn't really work that well, but the scouts themselves came up with this one and worked through how they would go about building it. This photo shows the roof as we built it and also shows the diagonal bracing under the tarp-this is important because it prevents the roof from falling over sideways.

When time allows, it's good to build some experimental structures like this- starting off without knowing all of the solutions to problems and dealing with them as they come up. It doesn't always mean that you will finish on schedule, but you will learn a lot.

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