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January 26, 2006

More Israeli pioneering structures...

This is a follow up on the Giant Pioneered Hedgehog: unfortunately I haven't been able to find out much more about these structures: Dor did tell me that they were built by Tel Aviv Scouts on a 10 day Summer Camp- attended by about 1000 scouts, and that each troop built a project.

Let's take a look at some of these projects:

Starting with the hedgehog again- Here is a photograph of the model, showing some of the detail of the underlying structure. From this page (also showing Garfield, Santa Claus and the Frog Prince)

Frog Prince: if you look inside the Frog's mouth you can see the 'lattice' frame that is holding the structure together- a grid of poles lashed together.

Wolverine: I like how the arms are sticking out, guyed by ropes. The six-pack is also a nice touch.

Dragon: there are a couple of dragons, but I like this one for two reasons: Firstly, the temple that he is flying through is a good addition, and the way the curves of his body are made- if you look just behind his head you will see how the fabric has been left hanging to make a natural bend.

There are quite a few other images at an Israeli scouting website, they're definitely worth taking a look at:
Construction photos (before cladding is added)
Closeups of models, construction process, also a dragon and an eagle completed
Dinosaurs, eagles, a cactus, sportscars and lions
A dragon, Wolverine, Mario and Luigi and a Transformer
Another dragon, Spongebob and Patrick

If you spot anything of interest in the Hebrew text in these links, or if you were on this camp, please let me know a bit more about it- how long did these take to build, who designs them, how many scouts work on them etc.


Anonymous said...

hallo, or should i say "shalom"?
here is a link that shows the planning and models of all kind of structors. whats written down in hebrew is the steps for building the spasific structor.
to get inside the page just click on the image!

hope it will help a bit...

Anonymous said...


I'm from Israel and I planned the Green Dragon project! It's so surprising that I found that picture on this site.

It took us about a month to plan it and 6 days to build it in the forest. we were a group of about 15-20 teenagers.

Here are some more pictures of the dragon and the temple:

Sorry about the broken English....

Anonymous said...

pioneered geodesic dome! made out of bamboos.
was made by an israely scouts the last friday 14.4.06 .
just thought it worth a mention.

Anonymous said...

you could find more pictures of the geodesic dome in here:

worth a five minutes look.

Peter le Roux said...

Hi- thanks for the geodesic dome pictures- I was just wondering the other day how easy it would be to build one.

I have put up a post about your dome here and put my drawings together and put them on a T-shirt here - hope you enjoy them, thanks for sharing your work.

Anonymous said...

hello from israel!!
these stractures are built in 3 days of work from about 6:30 AM to 12:00PM.
they are usually designed by 3 people and build using a crow of aboet 20 people.

Rojo said...

Hey, just surfed onto your blog! I'm so impressed with it - it's a great resource. :D

I'm a scout leader for 7th Scout Group in Dublin, Ireland