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April 16, 2006

Geodesic dome with bamboo and lashings

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UPDATE- Meydad from the Alon shevet, who built this dome, have written a comment with some corrections for this project. Here is the summary of changes:
-The placement of poles was wrong in the hexagon panel. This has been fixed and example dimensions have been added.
-It is suggested that you add an extra (open) frame around each pentagon.
-My idea about the hanging bottle holding the whole thing together was wrong (luckily I'm not an engineer!)
This drawing summarizes the corrections:

If you want to know how to draw an ordinary dome in SketchUp, read this tutorial at SketchUcation.

The original post:I was wondering the other day how to make a pioneered geodesic dome when a link to this project arrived as a comment on my blog. If you look carefully you will see that this dome is made out of hexagons and pentagons - the pattern used for a soccer ball(if you're too sophisticated for soccer, try a truncated icosahedron). More photos of the construction are here. This is yet another amazing piece of pioneering from Israel.

This is how I understand the structure:

The concept of this dome is very simple: it is made from 2 different types of frame: a hexagon and a half hexagon- you will need 10 hexagons and 5 half hexagons. These are combined into a structure very simply: in the picture below, each blue face is a whole hexagon, each purple face is a half hexagon:

Your completed dome should look like this one:

(if you try to build this one for yourself, take careful note of the bottle suspended from the top 'window'- I think this might just be holding the whole dome together- This is to show how strong the structure is.
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