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July 6, 2007

Pioneering around the world

Scouting is a worldwide movement - it is thought that there are only six countries on Earth that have no Scout troops. I've been lucky enough to speak to Scouts all over the world while I've been running this blog. I realised the other day that I've spoken to Scouts on every continent on earth, except Antarctica (yes, there are Scout troops in Antarctica).

Here are a few projects from around the world that have been featured on Ropes and Poles:

In Uruguay, the Juan de Cordoba troop built a trebuchet based on the one on Ropes and Poles. A video can be viewed here.

Various Scouts from Israel have shared there amazing sculptural projects with me: flaming night-time artworks, giant dinosaurs and enormous hedgehogs.

This 13 metre radio tower is from the Netherlands.

Scoutmaster blog in the United States has shared many projects, including these impossible projects and many pioneering resources.

If you're a reader of this blog and your country is missing from the map, leave a comment and I'll add it on.
(and you can make your own visited countries map by visiting this link.)


kim said...

lets put belgium on you're map with this:
construction for JamBe
more info on jambe itself can be found on this site. in short? 80000 scouts celebrating 100 years scouting in Brussels (Belgium)
a team with mainly people from ploeg technieken (Flanders, Belgium) build a "little" bridge... just look at the pics

note: only build with manpower, no cranes, winching ... just people with hands ;-)

Came said...

Hey, What about scout in Malaysia? i have been to the wonderful country and i was helped when i caught in trouble.

And i also found a blog called Ocean Of Income with an honest operator behind it. I think all scout should be like him.

Yog said...

You have at least one Irish scout leader reading anyhow!

Ana Trigo said...

Don't forget about Portugal =)

Edmend Leong said...

Hi, I from malaysia. hope to know all of you guy

Shin said...

You have a Singaporean Scout Leader as well!

kaoue said...

hey mate, count Brazil in, 27° DF... Pioneering all the way through...
10 years of scouting and couting. lol