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June 27, 2008

New SketchUp 3d web plugin

Google have released a new tool for SketchUp that lets you share your models on the web in a different way: try clicking on the image of the two barrel raft above and dragging your mouse left or right to watch the model rotate on your screen. This new plugin for SketchUp lets you export a 3d animation of your model to a website. Unfortunately the exporter only works with the PC version, but you should be able to view the results on any computer. A youtube video here explains how to use the exporter.

(If you are having trouble viewing the rotating model please let me know in the comments)


Jim Foltz said...

Hi Peter,

Nice to see new activity on your great blog.

Did you have to upload each image to make Web Exporter output work on blogger?

peter said...

Thanks Jim.

The images and the viewer script need to hosted elsewhere on the web and linked to the blog post using an iframe- the whole procedure is explained by the plugin when you generate the output. I uploaded all the images and the scripts to which gives you 1 gig of space for free (with some, unspecified, limits on bandwidth transfer).

TaffGoch said...


Nice demo of the new plugin. Not many users are familiar with this beta offering from Google.

I've already sent people to your blog, to see an example of how it works.

Thanks for the effort you put into the posting.

outofhere said...

Bummer Iframes don't seem to be supported on sites..

Anonymous said...

you may be intrested in some others plug-ins:
they are developing for free lots of plugins... i think that for you would be usefull something like "draw cilinders from lines" and "beizer, spinline and poliline" for a fast and accurate drawing of knots or structural elements..
or the wonderfull "soap skin" that allows tou to design and test real-life like tensostructures or inflatable structures....
hope to be helpfull...i like your site a lot!!!
excuse my odd english (not my language...and we don't study it...)