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October 17, 2008

JOTI/JOTA this weekend

This weekend, Scouts and Guides from around the world will be gathering around the world for the annual Jamboree on the Air and Jamboree on the Internet. Around 570,000 Scouts and Guides took part last year, in 121 different countries. JOTA/JOTI is an opportunity to talk to other Scouts and Guides all over the world, using radios and internet chat.

Anyone with an Internet connection can participate in the Jamboree on the Internet. Details on how to get involved in internet chat, blogging and other activities is here.

To take part in JOTA, you will need some help from a licensed radio amateur ('ham'). Details about JOTA- including the frequencies used- are here. Most groups build pioneered towers for radio masts, and Loy's 13m tower was featured here last year.

For those taking part, enjoy the weekend, and feel free to share any news in the comments to this post (especially if you build a nice tower, of course).

1 comment:

Loy said...

Hey Peter,

This year we built another tower. A bit higher, and a lot less work.

We've got a webcam mounted in it and some antennas of course.

You can find photo's of our tower and the rest of our weekend at

What is your group's frequency? Maybe we can reach South Africa from the Netherlands!