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October 10, 2008

Three years of Ropes and Poles

Next Monday, it will be three years since I published the first post on this blog- a small Scout trebuchet. Here are some highlights from the last three years:

Massive Israeli pioneering projects

It's been great to hear from Scouts around the world. I've learnt that Israeli Scouts can build anything - flaming, written-word sculptures, giant hedgehogs, even walking pioneering projects.

8m (24 foot) Treehouse

In December 2005 my troop built a treehouse in our local campsite, and I documented the whole project step-by-step here.

Tensegrity Tower

Tensegrity systems work by suspending rigid elements in a network of tension cables, and at first glance look like they should collapse, yet somehow they stand. Along with a fellow student at university, I designed and built this tensegrity tower, which has shown up in a few places on the web, most notably on the MAKE: magazine blog. I believe these were the first Scout tensegrity structures.

SketchUp resources

Along with a collection of models made for this site, I have written a series of lessons on using SketchUp, Google's free 3d modelling software.

Thanks to everyone who's contributed, written to me or offered encouragement.


FamilyMan said...

Congratulations on 3 years! That is quite a feat. Great stuff here.

I regularly reference your blog on my own Scouting blog now-- .

Please keep up the good work, and I'll keep showing my Scouts what the possibilities are.

ralph said...

do you know about the pioneering with the german black tents? have da look at Google Sketchup or directly