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November 2, 2012

40 foot monopole tower

The fifty foot monopole tower I posted a few months ago requires five twenty foot (6 metre) poles. I wanted my troop to build 4 monopole, but we didn't have enough long poles. This slightly shorter version only requires three long poles, so should be in easier reach of troops with small pole racks.

(click to enlarge)
 A few things to consider for this tower (and any other tower, really):
  • shear lashings, of the German, Dutch or 'English' variety, should be used in pairs spaced a few feet (literally: I tell my Scouts to use two shoe-lengths of the tallest Scout in their patrol) apart. The lashings are indicated as grey lines in the drawing.
  • If your poles have a noticeable taper, the heavier eand should be on the bottom of the tower
  • This tower benefits from a small post hole being dug for it, so that it heels in to the hole when it is raised up.


TeddySlayerZA said...

Out of curiousity, how did you get this thing upright?

Peter Le Roux said...

carefully :)

1) align the base of the monopole with the hole
2) attach guy ropes to pole and hammer in stakes for them
3) a small team lifts the pole, starting at the top and walking down to the base, with someone keeping the base in place with their foot. At some point, it will slip in to the hole
4)once the lifting team has angled the pole up as high as they can, people need to start pulling on the guy ropes to raise the pole the rest of the way.

I'll post some sequence drawings showing how it's done